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Bijoya-Diwali Sammilani 2019

Adoption has grown in popularity in West Bengal over the past few years. Atmaja, Association of Adoptive Parents, is a registered community-based organisation of adoptive parents in West Bengal, which works on issues related to adoption. Established in 2000, Atmaja has been working in this field with the following objectives:

·         To provide a network, support group and forum for adoptive parents.

·         To ensure the well-being of adopted children and to help protect their rights.

·         To assist the process of adoption by providing help to parents in the pre-adoptive stage.

·         To work towards the rationalisation of laws regarding adoption to ensure the best interests of the children and parents.

·         To promote social awareness and consciousness about adoption in society.

Atmaja is a voluntary organisation.  All members are adoptive families.  

Atmaja is also a member of the Mumbai-based Indian Federation of Adoptive Families’ Association.

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